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Fund for Hunger

The Fund for Hunger has been created in 1984 as a special appeal made by the late Professor Abdus Salam (founder of ICTP) to all staff, consultants and visiting scientists in order to have some small amounts available for urgent emergencies wherever in the world they might arise.

From that time ICTP staff started contributing by having a monthly deduction of part of their salary (at that time the sum to monthly contribute was orientatively indicated as 0.10 to 1% of one's emoluments devolved to the Fund, but any amount is welcome.

At the same time scientists visiting ICTP started contributing to the fund with their donations. At the present the monthly contribution from ICTP staff amounts to Euro 752.18 -

The present Organizing Committee is composed by Mr. Massimo Chalvien, Ms. Anne Gatti, Mr. Adriano Lucatello and Ms. Alessandra Ricci, elected by all staff members of the Centre in December 2005. This Committee will have a duration of five years and at the expiry of their mandate a new election will be called.

For more information, please e-mail to:

We personally hope to follow the Man's ideals in this respect and are constantly searching and reviewing possible beneficiaries.

Thanks all contributors to the fund and to all those who are constantly increasing the sum they contribute, showing how much we, people of the Centre, are aware of Third World needs.

Funds raised by ICTP staff and scientists have been gradually distributed to:

  1. the Kangemi community in Nairobi, Kenya;
  2. Don Sergije Jelenic, responsible for the Caritas of Umag helping all families and refugees who are suffering as a result of the war;
  3. the "Associazione Lombarda di Amicizia Italia-Cuba" - to be used towards the 1996 hurricane emergency;
  4. the charitable organization "La Notte della Cometa" (helping the Sarajevo community);
  5. the "Guru Sakya Monastery" of Darjeeling - India, for purchase of medicine, food and other primary needs of the refugees from Tibet who are living in a camp near Darjeeling;
  6. the Calcutta Hospital - India, for a major heart by-pass operation of an 8-yr child from a poor family;
  7. the MAITRI - Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre in Bihar, India. This is their latest monthly publication
  8. the JU Central Relief Distribution Committee for the flood-affected people of Bangladesh.
  9. the Loreto Convent in Nyakato, Tanzania, for building schools and other facilities. The Christmas greetings sent by the Loreto Sisters to ICTP. Some of the thank-you cards for baby James Robert - the real baby!
  10. the Lakshmi's Friends Fund, for re-building two villages near Nilpar, Rahpar, India, which have completely destroyed by the hearthquake of 26 January 2001.
  11. CCDIA - the Co-operative Centre for the Development of Children and Teenagers - a Brazilian NGO (non-governmental organisation) working with children at risk. CCDIA was formed in 1991 to use social, educational and spiritual development as a preventive measure to stop the growing tide of children moving to the streets.
  12. the Kiahia-Karurumo water project located in Karurumo Sub-location, Ngorano Location, Mathira Division of Nyeri District - Kenya. The latest report (2005) on the project's devolopments
  13. the Awakening Special Universal Education Society
  14. the SOS Emergenza Maremoto - SOS Children Villages Organisation - Their thank-you note
  15. the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka Cement-Brick Projects for the reconstruction of the villages destroyed by the Tsunami. Picture 1 - Picture 2
  16. the Eqbal Ahmad Memorial Educational Foundation, Islamabad (0581), Pakistan, for the reconstruction of the villages destroyed by the earthquake in Pakistan.

If you wish to contribute to the fund please note that its account number, kept at the

UniCredit - Enrico Fermi counter, is: 


As of the end of January 2006, the amount available for further donations will amount to approximatively Euro 3,000.00.

If you know of some charitable organization which might need some help please let us know and we shall try to make our best to send them some contribution.

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