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Before your visit

Useful information for the preparation of your visit


To make sure you can continue working with your devices (laptop computers etc.) during your stay at the ICTP, please read this page carefully. The following points are covered:

Bringing your data and software

There are two aspects to pay attention to: that the media you choose for transporting will be readable at the ICTP and that we have software that can handle it. Additionally, make sure that your files are virus-free by scanning them using the most recent virus databases.

Be aware that USB sticks and external hard disks are not 100% reliable and could stop working any time, in particular when you are carrying them around. They might also get lost or stolen. So you should not keep any important data on a single medium. Consider using some cloud storage at least as a backup.

Check the list of Available Software to ensure that you can work on your files.

Electric power

plugs If you bring any electrical devices, make sure that you have the right power cables or adapters. Plugs that can be used are the Italian type (with or without neutral terminal) and the German type. The so-called Euro plug fits, too.

outlets Some outlets can also be used with the US type of plug (without grounding). Don't expect to find this type of outlet everywhere inside the ICTP!

If you don't have the Italian or German type of power plug, we strongly recommend buying an adapter in your country, for example at the airport. Once you are in Italy it is much more difficult to get one suited for your devices. In particular, at the ICTP no adapters for power plugs are available.

Another issue is the tension. In Europe it is 230 Volt. Usually the transformers of laptop computers can handle any voltage from 100-240, but you should verify this before connecting yours.

Network connections


Ethernet connections are used almost exclusively by ICTP desktop computers. Laptops should connect via WiFi and can be connected to Ethernet only in exceptional cases.

Wireless network

ICTP offers the eduroam network in collaboration with many universities worldwide. For details, please go to How to use the wireless network.

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