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Campus Fax Numbers

T E L E F A X    N U M B E R S


NAME                                                        LOCATION/ NUMBER

Administration & General Services           EFB/ 0402240511

AGH incoming private messages             AGH/ 040224211

ARPL                                                              GGH/ 040224604

Condensed Matter Section                           LB/0402240354

CSS Secretaries                                           EFB/ 0402240585

Department of Theoretical Physics             LB/ 040224601

Diploma Programme                                     LB/ 0402240388

Director's Office                                               LB/ 0402240410

Director Administration                                EFB/ 0402240599

Finance others                                               EFB/ 0402240535

Finance - Travel                                             EFB/ 0402240534

Finance - Operations                                    EFB/ 0402240505

Fondazione                                                       LB/ 0402240224

GGH incoming private messages            GGH/ 0402240310

High Energy Section                                       LB/ 0402240304

IAP                                                                    AGH/ 0402240688

ICTS                                                                  EFB/ 0402240249

Library                                                                LB/ 0402240394

MAIN FAX                                                         EFB/ 040224531

MAIN FAX                                                          LB/ 040224163

Maintenance                                                    LB/ 0402240448

Mathematics Section                                     LB/ 0402240490

Medical Service                                             EFB/ 0402240546

Multidisciplinary  Laboratory                       MLAB/ 040224600

Office of External Activities                          EFB/ 0402240443

Personnel Office                                          EFB/ 0402240593

Public Information Office                            EFB/ 0402240565

Physics of Weather and Climate                 LB/ 0402240449

Science Dissemination Unit                     GGH/ 0402240633

SISSA -                            Main Building/ SISSA/ 0403787528

SISSA -                   Bellavista Building/ SISSA/ 0403787249

STU Staff Union Local Section                  EFB/ 0402240570

TRIL                                                                EFB/ 0402240558

TWAS                                                              EFB/ 040224559

TWNSO                                                          AGH/ 0402240689

UNICREDIT Bank                                          EFB/ 040224251

Visa & Passport Information Office            EFB/ 040224650

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