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Use the wireless network

Using WiFi at ICTP

At the ICTP we are participating in the global eduroam network.

Note for offices in the ex-SISSA building: please use ictp-secure instead, in order to avoid connecting to non-ICTP access points. You set up ictp-secure in the same way as eduroam (see below), except that the identity is your username without the domain (

If you already have a working eduroam account from your home institution, you can use it at the ICTP as well. It also works in the other direction: you can set up eduroam with your ICTP credentials and connect to eduroam networks worldwide. Please note that your identity has to be

Depending on the operating system of your device(s), you might only have to enter the credentials, or various connection parameters. Below is a table with the required values: 

Security type  WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption type AES
EAP type Protected EAP (PEAP)
Phase 2 authentication or Authentication method MSCHAPv2
Anonymous identity leave blank
Server Certificate Built-in/System with domain
none (disable verification)

Configuration of eduroam in various Operating Systems

Please see version specific information for more details:

  • Windows 10, iOS and macOS: usually you only have to enter your username and password when prompted and confirm that you trust the network
  • Linux: Under the "Wireless Security" settings, make sure to replace the default TLS choice with Protected EAP. When asked, tell Linux to ignore the Server Certificate and remember the choice.
  • Android: The field for "Phase 2 Authentication" is left blank by default, you must choose MSCHAPv2. (some options might be hidden by default, until you click on Advanced).
eduroam Android


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