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ctype_base ctype_bynamectype locale::facet


A facet that provides character classification facilities based on the named locales.

Data Type and Member Function Indexes
(exclusive of constructors and destructors)



#include <locale>
template <class charT> class ctype_byname;
template <> class ctype_byname<char>;


ctype_byname<charT> template and ctype_byname<char> specialization provide the same functionality as the ctype<charT> template, but specific to a particular named locale. For a description of the member functions of ctype_byname, see the reference for ctype<charT>. Only the constructor is described here.


template <class charT>
class ctype_byname : public ctype<charT> {
  explicit ctype_byname(const char*, size_t = 0);
  ~ctype_byname();  // virtual
  virtual bool         do_is(mask, charT) const;
  virtual const charT* do_is(const charT*, const charT*, 
                             mask*) const;
  virtual const char*  do_scan_is(mask,
                                  const charT*, 
                                  const charT*) const;
  virtual const char*  do_scan_not(mask,
                                   const charT*, 
                                   const charT*) const;
  virtual charT        do_toupper(charT) const;
  virtual const charT* do_toupper(charT*, 
                                  const charT*) const;
  virtual charT        do_tolower(charT) const;
  virtual const charT* do_tolower(charT*, 
                                  const charT*) const;
  virtual charT        do_widen(char) const;
  virtual const char*  do_widen(const char*, const char*,
                                charT*) const;
  virtual char         do_narrow(charT, char) const;
  virtual const charT* do_narrow(const charT*, const charT*,
                                 char, char*) const;

class ctype_byname<char> : public ctype<charT> {
  explicit ctype_byname(const char*, size_t = 0);
  ~ctype_byname();  // virtual
  virtual char        do_toupper(char) const;
  virtual const char* do_toupper(char*, const char*) const;
  virtual char        do_tolower(char) const;
  virtual const char* do_tolower(char*, const char*) const;


explicit ctype_byname(const char* name, size_t refs = 0);

    Construct a ctype_byname facet. The facet will provide character classification relative to the named locale specified by the name argument. If the refs argument is 0 then destruction of the object is delegated to the locale, or locales, containing it. This allows the user to ignore lifetime management issues. On the other had, if refs is 1 then the object must be explicitly deleted; the locale will not do so. In this case, the object can be maintained across the lifetime of multiple locales.

See Also

locale, facets, collate, ctype<char>

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